Realme foldable line incoming, Madhav Sheth reveals

Global Folding Mobile Phone Market The folding mobile phone market is really booming this year and it looks like the Realme company is finally ready to join the folding mobile phone market with its own offerings. Madhav Seth, Realme VP and President International of Realme Company took to Twitter to ask his classmates whether they would prefer a flip-style clamshell foldable (Realme Flip) or a large book-style folding mobile phone (Realme Fold) from the Realme brand.

Rumors about Realme’s folding mobile phone ambitions have been swirling for years but the Realme brand has stayed clear of the folding market and instead focused on developing regular slab phones to reach a wider audience.

We are yet to see what the Realme company has planned for the release of its first foldable mobile phone, but we hope that we will be given more information about the mobile soon.

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